Gopala Krishna Koduri

I'm a Ph.D student (2011-present) at Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, working on CompMusic project with Prof. Xavier Serra. The broad goal for my Ph.D is to develop Culture-aware information models for exploration and navigation of music. I hope to do this through an approach that combines traditional data-analyses with ontologies of the musical concepts to create a symbiotic chain generating richer linked open data.

Prior to being here, I've received Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad, India. My thesis advisor during masters was Prof. Bipin Indurkhya.

I'm forever smitten by the beauty of the language and the life's usual activities of the region I grew up in - Andhra Pradesh, India. The nuances and the level of sophistication of Telugu language - found not just in poetry/prose, but also in a typical countryman's language, have a great impact on me. One such characteristic of the language, is a high usage of witty proverbs and idioms in day to day conversations. I haven't quite heard as much usage in any other language I've had contact with. I started collecting a few of them on పిడుగు/pidugu facebook page.

Besides reading, I also enjoy writing short stories in Telugu, not necessarily great! But they definitely let me take my mind off everything else for some time. The first story (రాబందులు/rābandulu), a really short one that pictures hardships of a couple in a casteist society, can be read on my blog. The second (ఎలకోన/elakōna), a science-fiction story depicting a biological war by China on India, is published in three parts by Koumudi (an online Telugu magazine), and can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

I stand for the argument that the Indian government must see beyond English/Hindi in providing education/governance to the people. This needs planning on a massive scale with an equally passionate implementation (like in the case of South Korea/Japan/China for example). I like spending (free) time for any cause that can help in taking a baby step towards this. Given the sorry condition of Indian language content on the web, I actively extend my help in improving it (specifically, Telugu). I have contributed to Padma, an Indic code converter plugin for firefox, and maintain టెక్ సేతు/techsetu - a technology portal for Telugu speakers. I'm also involved in translating several open source projects to Telugu, which include Ubuntu and Gnome.