Dear Income-tax Department, ‘Thank You’ For Ruining Indian Economy

Jaithirth Rao, entrepreneurial whiz-kid, has launched a blazing attack on the profits-tax branch for its arbitrary policies which is forcing massive blue-chip MNCs to shift their BPOs from India to more reasonable international locations.
In a thought-scary article in the Indian specific, Jaithirth Rao spoofs a letter from the Finance Minister of Philippines to the Finance Minister of India “thanking” the latter for the “vicious harassment” that the earnings-tax branch has heaped at the Indian IT and BPO industries which has prompted a shift of BPO organizations from India to the Philippines.
The earnings-tax department is elevating tax demands on captive devices of global corporations using their international income as the premise and factors out that this one selection by myself might reason several of those corporations no longer best to stop growing their Indian subsidiaries, however truely begin winding them down
Jaithirth Rao factors out that the profits-tax branch has released a ‘concerted method‘ during the last several years by making common and arbitrary adjustments in policies and says that this has ended in “vicious harassment” of Indian IT and BPO industries.
In sarcastic & dying-gallows humour, Jaithirth Rao says that Philippines counts the Indian earnings-tax authorities among its “high-quality pals” and requests that the names of the “worth individuals” who’re in the back of this “tremendous strategy of weakening this labour-in depth Indian enterprise” be given so that they can be provided special “Magsaysay Awards” and be honoured as “friends of the Philippines”.
On a extreme note, Jaithirth Rao points out that the Indian income tax government are mainly concentrated on captive BPO businesses, which had been till recently being appeared because the “poster-boys of Indian I. T. Industry“, by using asking them to re-compute their taxable earnings based on arbitrary and converting switch pricing suggestions with out good enough safe harbour provisions, which might be not unusual in most nations.
While in forums just like the WTO, India has been vehemently arguing in favour of free motion of labour and opposing the stand of the us political agencies that it isn’t always “body-shopping”, the profits tax branch has taken the reverse role that sales from such sports do now not represent “service exports” and that it without a doubt is “frame-buying”
He says that this “capricious behaviour” has resulted in many captive units stopping the increase in their Indian BPO clothes and accelerating the increase of their gadgets in overseas countries.
He also laments that the income-tax department is elevating tax needs on captive gadgets of world organizations the use of their global income as the idea and points out that this one decision alone would cause numerous of those agencies no longer best to forestall developing their Indian subsidiaries, but simply begin winding them down.
Jaithirth Rao says those “enterprise-unfriendly” ideas of the profits-tax department will decrease the Indian BPO industry and while these “rapacious tax needs” will in due course be struck down via the courts, in the intervening time, the corporations will ought to pay up, be out of coins and will be spending their time and money on expensive tax legal professionals as opposed to that specialize in their operating companies. In this unlucky situation, all BPOs near save in India and move to the Philippines and China, he says.
Jaithirth Rao additionally points out that at the same time as in forums like the WTO, India has been vehemently arguing in favour of free movement of labour and opposing the stand of the usa political groups that it isn’t always “frame-purchasing”, the profits tax department has taken the reverse function that revenues from such activities do no longer constitute “carrier exports” and that it in reality is “frame-purchasing“. He says that the earnings-tax branch’s stand “fatally undermines” the sovereign function of the government and strengthens the hand of the usa political groups which want to impose change boundaries on Indian corporations.
The income-tax department is “determined to wreck one of the few industries where India has completed international elegance and wherein Indian organizations are considered bold operators” and their movement of reopening past exams and raising large untenable needs with the aid of terming “provider export revenues” as “body shopping sales” (notwithstanding in advance explicit and emphatic assurances that on-site undertaking implementation revenues could be treated as export earnings) is forcing huge & successful world class businesses to flee India. He says that this flight of capital is making China & Philippines “salivate” at the chance of global groups putting in operations in those countries in desire to India.
In place of the unreasonable stand followed by the earnings-tax branch, the sales in Philippines & China have decided to do exactly the alternative and are affordable in their tax needs, easy and obvious of their transfer pricing rules and generous of their tax holidays, he says.

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